Beginner’s Guide to Bed and Breakfast

If you are planning a vacation getaway, here is something you may not have considered: staying at a bed and breakfast instead of a hotel. Why not stay at someone’s house who is very familiar with your destination?

Many people are iffy when it comes to a bed and breakfast. They fear the unknown. There are many misconceived notions when it comes to bed and breakfast. To be honest, this is very different from staying a hotel, but it is an incredible experience that everyone should experience at least once. You may be missing out on something that you find incredible.

For one thing, you will most likely pay less than if you were staying in a hotel. That’s not to say that every time a bed and breakfast will be cheaper, but more often that not it will be.

The breakfast is really good. This isn’t your typical thrown together continental breakfast. You don’t get cereal and yogurt. This is going to be an awesome breakfast. You can usually count on fresh pastries, a waffle machine and other lavish options. Of course, do your research and see what is offered at the particular bed and breakfast you stay. It’s not hard to run into an incredible breakfast when you go the B&B route.

bed and breakfast pastry

You can count on the amenities being free and much better when you stay at a B&B. If you’ve had a hotel that doesn’t have WiFi, you know how frustrating that can be. Odds are WiFi will be just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the amenities at a B&B. The owners of B&Bs know the area and will tell you exactly where you can find the most fun. Most of the time these people were born and raised in the town you are visiting, they make incredible concierges.

When visiting a B&B you will get the attention and care that you truly deserve. These are much more than just a place to lay your head. When you stay at one of these, you are not just a customer, you are an actual guest to their home. They are usually not near traffic or loud noises. People that own a B&B will often allow people to bring their pets in. They will go to any length to make sure the visitors to their home are able to fully relax and enjoy their experience.

Going the bed and breakfast route is something every traveler should try at least once. If you are used to going to the same Holiday Inn every time you go on a trip, do yourself a favor and enjoy the incredible experience that a top shelf B&B provides. You will not be let down. Heck, there’s a great chance that you never go back to a hotel again when you go on vacation. The relaxation you are able to achieve and the attention and care you get when at at B&B is unparalleled.